We had the idea to create this special formation years ago, when we were still students at the music academy and we stumbled across Vocalise by André Previn, which was specifically composed for soprano, cello and piano.

Spellbound by this discovery and by a mostly unknown repertoire, we had to put our project aside for many years, waiting for the time and the opportunity to fulfil it, but we never stopped thinking about it. A few years later, we met Marcos on our musical path, and he eagerly adopted our idea. This is how our project saw the light.
So, here we are!

Damiana is the voice of our trio, she performs regularly as a soprano soloist in theatres all over the world; sociable and inventive, she is the most versatile artist of the group.
Roberto is in chamber music and he is the Santa Cecilia National Academy Orchestra’s cellist; patient and perceptive, he is the mind of the group.
Marcos is the last member of the trio, a Cuban pianist, eclectic and outgoing, he is a soloist and a chamber music artist with an international career; with his “fuego” he is the soul of the group.
This is the birth of the Hemisphaeria Trio, a formation of musicians coming from different hemispheres who share Latin as linguistic origin and perform music from all over the world.

From 19th century Europe to 20th century America, we are also interested in contemporary music and we are glad to perform and record for the first time pieces written for us, for example Versos Martianos by Grammy-winner composer Yalil Guerra.